Frequently Asked Questions

For voting and reviews you need to confirm your account via mobile phone, we will send an SMS within 10 minutes with a confirmation code. Login and visit account settings to verify your account. The cost of incoming SMS depends on your tariff plan, if you do not usually pay for this service, most likely you will receive SMS from us for free.
To vote, you first need to verify your account via your mobile phone. After successful verification, you can vote 1 time per day for 1 server. You can view your votes in personal panel (Vote history is saved for 35 days). If server that you vote for gives rewards for each vote, please follow instructions provided by server Administration.
  1. How to vote for server in the ratings?
  2. How to vote for server in the ratings?
To leave a review, you first need to verify your account via your mobile phone. You can leave 1 review for server. After submitting your review, we will publish it within 48 hours after approvement. if your review will be declined you can find out the reason of decline in your personal panel.
  1. How do I leave a review?
You can add announcement on this page. There is no need to create account for adding announcement, but creating account will help you easier manage your announcement changing open date, rates, server version. Announcement will be added after approvement within 24 hours (usually within an hour). Note: you need to have basic information on your server website or forum: launch date, rates, server version.
To add your server to the rating list, first you will need to create account. After creating account navigate to personal panel in order to add server. After filling all the details about you server (project) you will be redirected to add world (server), your server (project) will be visible in the list after approvement withtin 24 hours only if all information is comply to our rules and you have added at least one world (server).