New Mu Online servers - which are better to choose

New Mu Online servers - which are better to choose

New Mu Online servers - which are better to choose

Mu online – a modern and high-quality online game from Korean developers, featuring many features and pleasant graphics. Here you can not only fight with enemies, but live a full life - build a home, enter into relationships with other players and of course save the world. However, the game, as all other MMORPG games, has disadvantages  on of it is cheaters, or dishonest players who use the forbidden software, gaining special combat skills, and therefore, the ability to conquer normal gamers in PVP.

There is also another drawback that prevents players from enjoying the gameplay - high-level characters simply mow out novice players at key locations, forcing those to abandon the game or start again.

To solve this problems, it's worth a visit new mu online private servers, at which Admins has not yet lost its inspiration and follows the attempts of cheaters and killers to spoil the mood of ordinary gamers. Every year there are hundreds of game servers opening, each of which has its own features and advantages, but it's extremely difficult to find really high-quality Mu Online servers. To make it easier for gamers to find worthy servers, here is a list of platforms that are worth your attention.

"Must" servers you need to try

These new mu online 2018 servers are classified as interesting projects, so they can be tested by both a novice player and an experienced gamer,.

  • Mu Decay x50. An interesting project in which the various aspects of the favorite game have been substantially redesigned and improved - the pumping system, the rating of the quests, the work of the administration. The server has a convenient installer that will quickly unzip the game client with all necessary builds and patches. The server has its own system of achievements, interesting events and bonuses, as well as a market where you can buy or sell things and bonuses in real time. Each aspect of the game is seen by the administration, which bans cheaters, spammers and just aggressive trolls who want to score chat mates and accusations. Here, newcomers will not be intercepted by high-level heroes at the entrance to the city, this matter is quickly suppressed by admins.
  • EveRMU. This server will be more interesting for fans to make money in mu online, as for the victory over the bosses here are credited special loans, which can be deduced to your e-wallet. Also on the server there is a round-the-clock support of moderators, who constantly monitor fraud and cheating and suppress them.
  • eGames Inferno x5000. This server is designed for thoughtful exploration of the world and quality boevki. The server also has its own installer, which contains a lot of updated game files - its own pumping system, lottery, cards, monsters and heroes are waiting for their owners. It also has its own anti-cheat and anti-spam programs that do not allow tricky players to spoil the mood of ordinary online game lovers.

Of course, this is not all new mu online servers 2018, however anyone who wants to enjoy a quality build of the game should try them.